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"The Greek in Toledo" El Greco in the town where he died 400 years ago.

The Greco´s Museum

All Year (2020-01-01 - 2020-12-31) - Toledo, Spain


history of the Museum

The Museo del Greco is a state-owned museum managed directly by the Ministry of Culture, and which reports to the General Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets and the Office of State-Owned Museums. 

The history of the museum is closely associated with the figure of Don Benigno de la Vega-Inclán y Flaquer, the marquis of Vega-Inclán (1858-1942), one of the most important patrons of the arts in the first half of the 20th century and the man who started the trend in Spain of reconstructing the historical locations where the works of art on display were originally created. 

The Museo del Greco is currently the only one in Spain dedicated to the painter and its fundamental purpose is to convey and help gain an understanding of the figure of El Greco as well as the influence his work and personality had on early 17th century Toledo. It also includes an evocation of the museum's past through the figure of the marquis of Vega-Inclán, the genuine promoter of the institution and indisputable leader of the recovery and promotion of El Greco's painting.




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