Known as the "city of the three cultures" Toledo preserves an impressing artistic and cultural legacy which has led to it being declared a World Heritage Site.

What to see:

Toledo is one of Spain's jewels. Embraced by the River Tajo, within its walls it offers visitors a spectacular example of the history of Spanish art. Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews and Christians... all of the peoples that have played a part in the history of Spain left their mark in Toledo, assuring its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the twentieth century.

What to do:

The most well-known monuments include its Cathedral, the Puerta de Bisagra (Bisagra Gate), the Alcázar (Fortress), San Juan de los Reyes' Monastery, Santa María la Blanca Synagogue and Tránsito Synagogue, the Cristo de la Luz Mosque, the Museum of El Greco's Painting of the Burial of the Count of Orgaz... but, without a doubt, Toledo is so much more.

Its labyrinthine streets, the panoramic views from Los Cigarrales (Noble Houses), its churches and convents (many of them today used in the cultural and recreational life of the city), its Roman thermal baths, Arabic and Jewish bathhouses... are just some of the lesser known treasures of Toledo waiting for you to discover them.

We recommend:

Its nightlife is also not to be missed: there are many companies that offer guided night tours and many venues in the most unexpected places where you can have fun with a drink and good music, such as an old community patio or a church reconverted into a disco.

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