Orgaz, Orgaz Castle

Orgaz is a monumental historical town of the province of Toledo, declared a Historical Artistic Site.

What to see:

Orgaz is a monumental historical town, tucked away on the north plains of the Sierra de Los Yébenes, a mountain area in the province of Toledo, just 33km away from the city of Toledo. Its fascinating town, declared a Historical Artistic Site, is ruled from above by the needles of the towers of the Parochial Church of Saint Thomas and the merlons of its Castle. Orgaz is surprising due to its unique popular architecture: an urban area full of whitewashed houses and sculpted coats of arms on their façades, and some interesting monuments which await you.

What to do:

While strolling through the village, you'll discover places full of charm, such as the Belén Arch and the San José Arch, remains of the old town wall. As well as the Main Square and the old Hospital of San Lázaro, the San Tomás Parochial Church, a work by Covarrubias, is Orgaz’s most distinguishing monument. In addition to the above, we have the Old Public Granary, the Casa del Vínculo manor house and the Puente de los cinco ojos (five-eye bridge), and, of course, the Castle.

We recommend:

Essential visits are the Castle, the Santo Tomás Church, the Main Square and San Lorenzo Hospital, the Public Granary, the Casa del Vínculo Manor House, the Puente de los Cinco Ojos bridge and Arisgotas, a Visigoth Museum.

Orgaz, Toledo, España
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